Achievers In Technology

Sankofatech’s Achievers in Technology (AIT) is a rigorous four-year scholarship and mentorship program that aims to produce the next generation of African technology professionals in the United States. We believe technology is not the preferred career path for youth of African descent due to lack of knowledge about the industry, community misconception (i.e., not perceived as prestigious), and lack of access to resources.¬† We aim to tackle these problems through the AIT program. AIT scholars go through a rigorous four-year program that equips them with essential skills and access to a network of like-minded peers, mentors, advisors, and accomplished professionals in the tech industry.

AIT Scholars 2020

Makennna Turner

Stanford University, 2024

Grew up in Boulder, Colorado, and is attending Stanford University to pursue a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Management Science & Engineering. Her lifelong career goal is to start a robotics and wearable technology company. Until then, her plan is to work at tech companies in Silicon Valley to gain industry experience.

Henry Arinze

 University of California Merced, 2024

Born and raised in Nigeria, Henry graduated from King/Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science with honors and will attend University of California Merced. Henry aspires to become a software engineer and use the knowledge he gained from college to give back to his community.

Ndidiamaka Nwosu

Rice University, 2024

Graduated from Richardson High School and will attend Rice University where she plans to major in Computer Science. She became active in the Computer Science club and found her passion for AI, software and programming. Ndidi would love to one day become and AI engineer at a place like Microsoft or Google. 

Dennis Kwarteng

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2024

Dennis graduated from Queens HS for Information Research and Technology and will attend Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He plans on majoring in either Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering. His career goal is to initially work for an electronics company and eventually branch out and create his own. Where he intends to make new environmentally friendly hardware, and futuristic technologies.

Rachel Clinton

Stanford University, 2024

Rachel will be attending Stanford University and hopes to find ways to combine her love for computer science with her love for nonprofit work. She is especially interested in exploring ways technology can help reduce the homeless epidemic in large cities like Los Angeles, where she lives.

David Akpokiere

Princeton University, 2024

Born in Nigeria and raised in Colorado, David graduated Eaglecrest High School and will attend Princeton University.  He is obsessed with researching new technology. After college, he plans to either become a tech entrepreneur or a machine learning engineer.  David wants to dedicate his life to inspiring and giving back to his community. 

AIT Scholars 2021

Ifunanya Okoroma

UC San Diego, 2025

Ifunanya graduated from Downey High School with highest honors and will be attending University of California, San Diego. Her love of programming extracurriculars throughout high school has led her to pursue Data Science. Understanding the open-ended nature of her field, she plans to become a researcher, intersecting computing with politics and/or medicine to center race-based systemic inequities in her work.

Nneoma Anaemeribe

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2025

Nnemoa graduated from Charles Herbert Flowers High School within the Science and Technology program and will attend Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where she plans to major in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Highly interested in doing research on emerging technology like haptic devices or machine learning.  In the future she hopes to create her own organization that helps support and encourage minorities to be involved  in technology.

Morgan Toombs

Rice University, 2025

Morgan graduated from Richardson High School and will attend Rice University where she plans to major in Computer Science. She became active in the Computer Science club and found her passion for AI, software and programming. Ndidi would love to one day become and AI engineer at a place like Microsoft or Google. 

Alexis Osueke

University of Minnesota, 2025

Alexis Osueke will be attending the University of Minnesota where she will be majoring in Computer Science. Her interest in Computer Science was motivated by her uncle and older sister who both are active in Tech. In high school, Alexis participated in Computer Programming, AP Computer Science, and the Girls Who Code Summer immersion program to touch bases with code. 

Samuel Osibamowo

University of Texas, 2025

Samuel will be attending the University of Texas where he will major in computer science. He plans to use the information he acquires from college, the AIT program, and future internships, to secure a Software Engineering job at a top tech company. His long-term goal is to start his own tech company.

Kenyatta Dumisani

Harvey Mudd College, 2025

Kenyatta grew up in Sacramento, CA and graduated from Sacramento Country Day High School. He will attend Harvey Mudd College as a Computer Science major. His career goal is to blend social justice and computer science to build voter information programs to empower his local community and communities beyond to change their legislation for the better. 

AIT Mentors

Gloria Gyakari

User Experience Researcher, Dell

yilkal abe

Software Engineer, Google


Software Engineer, Google

Tolulope Lawal

Program Manager, Google

Lanier Gray

Agency Scaled Account Strategist, Google

Joseph Nayigiziki

Software Engineer, Google

Asala Jeffrey

Software Engineer, Google

Mari Mathew

Software Engineer, Google

Oreofe Oyelowo

Network Engineer, Google

AIT Academic Coaches

Yawo Alphonse Siatitse

Software Engineer, Microsoft

Muhammad Ahmad

Software Engineer, FactSet

Ying Zhe Chong

Software Engineer, Microsoft